Registering a new satellite (raspberry pi with pi camera)

In this article we will comment a screenshot recording presenting the process to register a new satellite.

You will need:

  • The Argos Master connected to  an Ethernet switch or a WiFi router
  • A raspberry with a pi cam connected
  • To access the management system you need a device connected to the Pi network (wireless by WiFi if you use a WiFi router or wired connected to an Ethernet switch). This device can be for example a laptop or a tablet.
  • A browser on this device (Firefox or Chrome).

Type in in the address bar to access the main screen (the address can have any type of subnet as long as it is something like : an ip address finishing by 250 is required for the master)

Then go to the system menu and click on the register item.

Click on “Start new registration wizard” and the registration begin.
Then connect a new raspberry PI to the network (AND ONLY ONE AT A TIME) and if it is unknown by the system, the application will ask you to enter an Id.

This Id will be used after that in the live view process to choose which cam you want to see in live view and to name the pictures before uploading them on the NAS ( for example 079.png for an image taken by a pi cam and 079DSLR.cr2 for an EOS Canon).

Then have a sticker ready you can place on the case of the cam.



Author: Frédéric Chauveau

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