Registration Troubleshooting

Before reading this post, you should read our tutorial on how to register a new satellite.

First, start the master and navigate to the registration page.

For registration, the procedure is to launch the “start new registration wizard” in System>Register>start new registration wizard, and only then, connect the new satellite. (You have  1 minute maximum to connect the new satellite.)

If you have a timeout message, it means that:

  • your camera is already registered
  • or the camera or the Raspberry Pi is faulty
Picture A

On picture A, you can see that the camera connector is unplugged.

Picture B

On picture B, you can see the camera connector is plugged correctly.

If you have a doubt, then press on the connector to plug it firmly.

If you have still problems, you can use the troubleshoot feature in System > Troubleshoot.

If you have any questions, you can ask us on our technical forum.

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